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P2 Masks – A Comparison

P2 Masks to Cope with Poor Air Quality

P2 Mask – which one should I get?

With the poor air quality we are experiencing, I have been getting enquiries as to the differences between “general” P2 masks (like you would get at a hardware store) and the P2 masks that I sell. Here’s a quick comparison.


General P2 masks are disposable. They are single-use, good for around 2-3 hours.

They are cardboard and hard to breathe in through, particularly inhaling (which is an issue for those with weak lungs or developing lungs, like children have).

To help with expelling exhaled air, some (not all) have a one-way valve.

Some have activated carbon (which filters things at a fume level), most don’t.

I CAN BREATHE! MASKS (sold by Eco Health Solutions)

The I Can Breathe Masks available are “long-term masks.” They are not designed for single use – they can be worn for many years. They are designed to be comfortable, easy to breathe through, and it is even easy to be heard when speaking.

The “Honeycomb Mask” has disposable activated carbon filters (for fumes) that are good for around 40 hours of wear each.

The filters can be doubled up when the pollution is extra bad. The filters can also be used on their own (ie for children) or in other respirators.

The Honeycomb Mask can be washed over and over again. The disposable filters need to be replaced.

The “Sports Kit” is almost identical, except it that has a valve for expelling exhaled air which is ideal when exercising. It also utilises activated carbon filters.

The “Organic Cotton Bamboo Carbon” has an activated carbon filter sewn into it. So when it gets clogged (about 40 hours of wear) they can be hand washed using soap. They can take around 60 washes, so if you washed it weekly, it would be good for over a year.

Options for Children

p2 masks for children

I use masks a lot – both general and I Can Breathe! masks. I began wearing masks about 8 years ago.

* I sometimes use the General ones when onsite to filter out some of the nasties that I may be exposed to. More often, I use a proper respirator.

* I use the I Can Breathe! masks when flying, when out and about in smoke (I even slept in mine when in Canberra during the 15x hazardous level), when going into shopping centres (fragrances) and so on. My Honeycomb Mask and Organic Cotton Bamboo masks are the original ones I bought when I first became very sensitive.

Get yours here.

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