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online tvWelcome to my Online TV episodes page

I decided that more people are interested in getting quick snippets of information, rather than listening to loooong radio shows (although Change Your Life Radio still has new episodes) – thus the move into online TV.



online tv thrive in 5Thrive in 5 (Online TV)

This is my monthly show that airs on the first Monday of every month at 11am (Melbourne Australia time).

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Episode 1: Full Spectrum Living with special guest Dr Deanna Minich

Episode 2: Detox vs Stress

Episode 3: EMF Shielding – Building Biology Insights on How to Get it Right

Episode 4: Earthing Mats

Episode 5: Light Globes

Episode 6: Mould & Water Damage (introduction)

Episode 7: FIFO Living with special guest Deanne Hislop


Each monthly episode of Thrive in 5 (online tv) will feature an exciting topic (often by popular demand) – and information will be delivered in either 5 minutes or will encompass 5 tips.

Short, sharp and to the point. Perfect!

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Another new show is on the way… again, it will be to the point, relevant and informative. I will be announcing details soon.


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