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coursesIs this you?

Overwhelmed with information and misinformation?

Are you desperate to create some changes in your home, but don’t know where to start?

Not quite ready for a building biology audit?

The the Detox You Environment courses are the best place to start.

Detox Your Environment courses at Eco Health Solutions

Detox Your Environment

Detox Your Environment is a course that is designed to introduce you to the basics of what you need to address in your home.

This is an online course commencing Monday 19th June at 10am (Australian Eastern Standard Time).

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$497  Special Early Bird Rate AU$147 (that’s a massive saving of over 70%)

The Details

  • online course
  • starting on Monday 19th June at 10am (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
  • the calls will be recorded, so you can listen back when you like, or listen at a time that suits you
What You Get

  • up-to-date, relevant and pertinent information
  • weekly training session combined with group coaching and Q&A
  • weekly Action Steps – provided in written format so you can work through it
  • a private community to interact with
  • a buddy to work with and motivate you

There are six modules.

  • Each one will identify hazards that are commonly found in each of the areas of a home.
  • The importance of addressing these will be discussed.
  • Action steps will be provided.
What Benefit is this to You?

You will:

  • cut to the chase – getting the most relevant and important
  • learn how to see through the marketing and get to the truth
  • have a community of like-minded others to work with
  • have the opportunity to connect and ask your own questions
  • be supported in the process
  • be motivated to create positive change in your home

Your Trainer

Lucinda Curran is your trainer. She is an experienced Building Biologist who is well-respected in her field. She lectures at the Australian College of Environmental Studies. As well, she is a registered Chinese medicine practitioner – so she really understands health. With a background as a teacher, you will find her organised, logical and supportive. Read more here.

Enrol today:

$497  Special Early Bird Rate AU$147 (that’s less than a coffee a day for 6 weeks)

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If you are ready to make a positive difference to your health and that of your family and loved ones – then why wait? Enrol today –

$497  Special Early Bird Rate AU$147 (that’s a massive saving of over 70%)

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