I am Lucinda Curran. Having always had a desire to make the world a better place, I am solutions-focused to make optimal wellbeing attainable. I draw from a varied toolkit to assist my clients.

Why am I a Building Biologist?

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In a nutshell, my move to the inner city of Melbourne to practice as a Chinese medicine practitioner was catastrophic for my health. What were mild intolerances to perfumes, car fumes and cigarette smoke soon escalated and my reactions became debilitating and life threatening.

My determination never wavered.

I was determined to not only reclaim my health, but to prevent others from becoming sick… and thus began my studies in Building Biology and my full-time quest to make the world a safer place.

The link between the environment and the health of the individual was apparent in my clinical work (as a Chinese medicine practitioner) and Building Biology is a natural extension of this work as it is a deeper and more scientific insight into the environmental factors that can adversely affect health.

I do this because I know how important it is. | I do this because I know how empowering knowledge can be. | I do this because I believe in informed choices. | I do this because I won’t ignore the truth. | I do this because I know that change is possible. | I do this because it is time. | I do this because I care.

My Mission and Goals


I endeavour to make the world safer for all who dwell here.


  1. To prevent people from developing environmental sensitivities; and
  2. To assist those who are affected in reclaiming their health.

Professional Appointments

about lucinda 2016-2017:

  • Committee Member
  • Technical Advisory Committee Member
iaqa-2 Individual Member of IAQA Australian Chapter

Committee Position:


  • Member of Chapter Subcommittee


  • Secretary of the IAQA Australian Chapter
aces-logo Tutor/Lecturer:


  • Water Pollution
  • Air Pollution
  • Business Skills
  • Healthy Home
ASBB Practitioner Member

Committee Positions:

  • 2015-2016 President
  • 2013-2015 Treasurer

  • Advisor to ChemicalFree Community


  • currently completing Advanced Diploma in Building Biology (ACES)
  • Certificate IV in Building Biology (ACES)
  • Bachelor of Health Science (Chinese Medicine) (SSNT)
  • Master of Arts (Macquarie)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Macquarie)
  • Diploma of Teaching (Macquarie)
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (Connect)
  • Certificate IV in Business (Connect)
  • Certificate IV in Small Business Management (BTM)

The Team

The Eco Health Solutions team have been hand-picked by me because they care about doing an excellent job, the want the best for their clients, they are hungry for substantiated information that will help them grow and learn in the profession, and as such, make a bigger difference to our clients.

I have trained them to my exacting standards, and embrace their attention to detail.

If you want a thorough assessment, then look no further.

With this awesome team, we can service the entire country.

Get to Know Lucinda

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