Integrity – I won’t be bought

Integrity… I have it.

Recently, I was at a training event when one of the speakers turned out to be a seller not a speaker.

At training events, I expect to learn things to further me in my career – to deepen my understanding or expand it.

However, this speaker was there to sign us up to their network marketing MLM business and encourage us to sell their product.

This did not land well – on me anyway.

I was actually offended and outraged – that they would lie about their product, offer an inferior and overpriced product AND “incentivise” it by offering me $200 per sale!

Anyways, here is my rant.

The long and short of it is – I have integrity. I won’t be bought. What I recommend and/or sell is because it is good.

Here is my online store – I personally trial everything before I stock it. I research each product, too.


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