Information is Empowering and Knowledge is Power

Information is necessary for people to make “informed choices” – yet too often, as consumers, we are not provided with enough information to be adequately informed. We assume (as we should be able to) that what is available to us is safe, that those who have approved public use of a product have tested it and there are no risks involved.

Unfortunately, in many instances this is not the case.

With a background in education, and a commitment to acting to create change when I know there is a problem, there are various branches of my work that are solely based on providing information.

Here are some of them.

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Thrive in 5 Online TV

This is my online TV show which aims to bring you either 5 tips or 5-minutes of information on the topic of the show.

Get access to all the episodes here.



This link takes you to an index of all the places Eco Health Solutions has appeared to share information – including webinar lectures that you can watch, articles, and more.




Here is a list of great resources which I have divided up between Personal, Health and Building.

Check it out here.

ESS 2015

The 2015 Environmental Sensitivities Symposium draws together 23 global experts to share their insights. Watch on demand here.

ess-3d You can get your copy of the Book of Transcriptions here – or if you are in Australia, let me know as I have a small stash. ESS 2016

The 2016 Environmental Sensitivities Symposium brought together 15 experts from around the world to share their wisdom. Watch on demand here.

#ESSymposium book

You can get your copy of the Text Book here – or if you are in Australia, let me know as I have a stash.

Some other information resources are:

building biology supporting health


Information - Building Biology


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