Hidden Hazards in the Home

Hidden Hazards In The Home

March 2014 sees Change Your Life Radio exploring HIDDEN HAZARDS IN THE HOME

For this month alone, the format is going to be a little different… Both my guests and I are going to be answering listener questions to address this topic.

I have been collecting listener questions for the last few weeks and have collated them together to have answered on the shows.

This month I have invited my colleagues onto the show – and since we all have great information, insights and tips on these topics, we are all going to share this with you!

Arm yourself with pencil and paper and tune in each week.

Hidden Hazards In The Home:

Remember, if you can’t join us live, you can listen to the recordings – thus, you never miss out.

About Us All – Just Briefly

Birgit, Nicole, Raphael and myself are all Building Biologists. Nicole founded the Australian College of Environmental Studies where we all have studied. Raphael is also the President of the ASBB (our association) and I am the Treasurer. Birgit has not only studied in Melbourne, but has done extensive study in Germany (the home of Building Biology), as well.

Nadine and I are both Chinese medicine practitioners (herbalists and acupuncturists). Nadine has a strong interest in diet and has many great insights to share.

Florence Callender is an activist for students with learning difficulties. She approaches things from an environmental level that is different to what I will offer as a Building Biologist.

So, what all of this means is that we will draw on our training, experience and special interests and pool our knowledge to share with you and answer your questions.

It is an extremely exciting month on Change Your Life Radio.

Be sure to join us!


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Eco Health Solutions

Could your home or workplace be making you SICK?