FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

I have endeavoured to answer some frequently asked questions (FAQ) here.

Where Do You Service?based in melb and ACT

Currently, Eco Health Solutions is based Melbourne, servicing Victoria, ACT and the Sapphire Coast.

Will You Tell Me What To Do?

Of course! There is little point in identifying a problem without offering a solution – or solutions… Solutions are core to what I do, hence the name, “Eco Health Solutions.

Every problem identified comes with recommendations, solutions and ideas on how to change things for the better.

How Does It Work?

  1. Complete the contact form or give me a call.
  2. We will briefly discuss your situation, confirm which of the Building Biology Packages is appropriate and book a time for your audit.
  3. I will email you a Questionnaire.
  4. You will need to complete and send back the Questionnaire prior to your audit.
  5. I will conduct the audit.
  6. I will email you a detailed written report or summary within two weeks.

Then, we will make a mutually convenient time to have a detailed follow-up call (phone or via the internet) within 6 months of your audit.

Which Payment Methods Are Accepted?

A deposit is collected at the time of booking your audit. This is to secure your booking.

The balance is due at the time of your audit.

Payment methods: bank transfer, cash and EFTpos (debit, Mastercard and Visa)

Account name: Eco Health Solutions Pty Ltd
Bank: Commonwealth
BSB: 063 114
Account number: 1045 6316

Why Are There No Rates On Your Site?

Primarily because no two audits are the same. I adjust my packages to suit the needs of the person requesting it.

As well, the size and use of rooms will alter the time taken to audit and report. It is important for me to understand your needs so that I can tailor the quote, audit and report specifically for your needs.

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