Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

In-Person Events

21st November (Tuesday) 6.30-8.30pm

I will be presenting a 90-minute workshop for Melbourne Healthy Living and Holistic Wellness



Collingwood Library Meeting Room

11 Stanton St Abbotsford



Tuesday 21st November 6.30-8.30pm


The Quiet Power of Introverts: 3 Erroneous Beliefs that Make Introverts Think They Have a Problem… When Really They Have Superpowers

In our modern world, qualities of introversion are seen as odd… but there is a power to this quietness.

Join me as I debunk 3 commonly held erroneous beliefs about introverts – and show you how these are really superpowers.

This will be one of my most vulnerable workshops and so I would really love to see you there.


These are all based on workshops I have held this year – they are much shorter – so if you can be there for a workshop, all the better.
When: all are Saturday mornings 10am (my time).
Where: wherever you are
Cost: free

Chronic Illness: The Role of the Built Environment
Saturday 18th November 10-11am

The Quiet Power of Introverts: 3 Erroneous Beliefs that Make Introverts think they have a Problem… When Really They Have Superpowers
Saturday 25th November 10-11am


3 Keys to Creating a Healthier Home: Unlocking the Secrets to More Energy and Vitality
Saturday 2nd December 10-11am

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