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Meet & Greet: What Does it Mean to be Healthy?

Friday 1st March 2019
Note: this is a Meetup event, so you will need to join the group and RSVP

This is an informal Meet & Greet where we will get to know each other and explore the topic of “What Does it Mean to be Healthy?”

We all strive to be “healthy” so that we can do what we love, be the best parent, do well in our studies, advance in our work, live the life of our dreams…

But what does “being healthy” really mean?

Together we will explore:
* What is important in our lives?
* What is hampering our healthy and wellbeing?
* What can we do about it?

In this session you will get clarity on what being healthy means to you, what is causing imbalance and steps you can take to regain it.

Being early in the year, it is important to set the stage to create the year that you want!

Come along, grab a coffee and let’s explore this. 🙂

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