How Can You Support Detoxification Naturally?

By taking the reins.

Detox really is the buzz word of this century – so far at least.

There are many well-intentioned and well-educated practitioners that espouse detox, recommending organic foods, an array of supplements and maybe even a strict regime.

Others may advocate saunas, exercise or products.

However, there is more to getting detoxification right than just these steps.

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Recognise that all and any of these stressors can play havoc with your body’s natural ability to detox and take steps to eliminate them.

STEP 1 Start With What You Can Easily Change

  • turn off your wi-fi router overnight OR when the children go to bed
  • turn off your mobile/cell phone overnight
  • don’t consume caffeine or alcohol to the point that it affects your sleep
  • make sure your bedroom is dark
  • quieten your home before bedtime

STEP 2 Introduce New Routines

  • create a good sleep hygiene routine where you “wind down” gradually
  • incorporate physical exercise into your day
  • include a few minutes of meditation before bed
  • go for a walk or stroll after dinner
  • stop work by 7pm, eat dinner before 7.30pm, stop input (phone calls, conversations, social media) by 8.30pm
  • limit caffeine consumption to before 10am

STEP 3 Address Your Built Environment to Reduce Your Exposures

  • fix any leaks
  • remove lead paint – or paint over it to “enclose” it (read more about managing lead here)
  • ventilate your home
  • install a proper water filter for your home
  • swap your personal care and cleaning products to safer ones
  • install flyscreens so you don’t need pesticides

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