Detox really is the buzz word of this century – so far at least.

There are many well-intentioned and well-educated practitioners that espouse detox, recommending organic foods, an array of supplements and maybe even a strict regime.

Others may advocate saunas, exercise or products.

However, there is more to getting detoxification right than just these steps.

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Detox – a Necessary Modern Phenomena

In our modern age, detox (detoxification) has become a necessity.

Part of the reason is that we are exposed to so many chemicals that our bodies can become overloaded by this burden.

Another aspect is that with the constant onslaught, it is nigh on impossible for our bodies to detoxify without any conscious effort on our part.

Research has shown that the best way for a woman to detoxify is to have a baby and to breast feed it. That is scary. The fact that breast milk contains so many toxins is really frightening.

Our babies are coming into the world with a really high burden already. This is topped up by breast milk, food and our environments.

Many learning disorders, behavioural issues and other developmental issues can be related to our modern world.

Whether you ascribe to the “total load” theory* or not, detoxification is important.

*Total Load is about seeing the body like a glass. Each exposure to a toxicant (incorrectly called “toxin” by many) causes the cup to start to fill up. When it reaches the top, the limit has been reached.

Exposures – Where Do They Come From?

There are so many sources of exposures. Many outside of our homes, but many within our homes.

Here are some to get you thinking:

industry|flight paths|busy road|shopping centres|schools|carparks|rubber softfall surfaces in playgrounds|aluminium cans|amalgam fillings|drinking water|toothpaste|dishwasher tablets|cleaning products|water pipes|pesticides|herbicides|cropdusting|lead light glass|paint|dust from the roof space|furnishings|mattresses|clothes and footwear|bedding|food|drinking water|bentonite clay|mould|perfumes|scented reeds|air fresheners|new car smell|smog|fires – fireplace and bushfires|dust mites|hair dyes|personal care products|and more!

Understanding the CORE of the Matter #1

In the biomedical world, detoxification is seen to occur through several different organs, utilising different pathways.

The main organs of elimination are the liver, kidneys, skin and lungs.

The detail of HOW it all works is irrelevant to what I want to share with you today.

What is important is understand an absolute core principle in detox.

When your body is under stress, it cannot detoxify.

This is fundamental to detox.

In the presence of stress, detoxification does not occur adequately.

In the absence of stress, detoxification can occur more efficiently.detox 10

When your body is under stress, it cannot detoxify.

Thinking of a seesaw, when one side is up the other is down.

Stress goes up, detox goes down.

Stress goes down, detox goes up.

It is really very simply, as I am sure you will agree.

Please remember: when your body is under stress, it cannot detoxify.


But What Types of Stress Inhibit Detox?

ANY type of stress inhibits detox.

Stress can be from any source, including:

Sick Alien


For example:

  • workplace demands
  • relationships
  • moving
  • study commitments
  • chronic illness
  • loss of a loved one


For example:

  • nearby industry
  • living under a flight path
  • being near or on a busy road
  • having trams going past
  • crop dusting
  • mining


For example:

  • lead paint, leadlight windows
  • asbestos
  • tight building envelope
  • mould/mold
  • building materials
  • building design


For example:

  • our personal care products
  • our cleaning products
  • our use of wireless technology
  • our use of automatic pesticides
  • our use of automatic air fresheners
  • our scented reeds

Understanding the CORE of the Matter #2

The other thing that is crucial to understand is that night time is when your body is designed to heal.

While you sleep, your body is designed to heal from everything that has occurred during the day.

That is why taking care of your sleep regime is important.


How Can You Support Detox Naturally?

By taking the reins.

Recognise that all and any of these stressors can play havoc with your body’s natural ability to detox and take steps to eliminate them.

STEP 1 Start With What You Can Easily Change

  • turn off your wi-fi router overnight OR when the children go to bed
  • turn off your mobile/cell phone overnight
  • don’t consume caffeine or alcohol to the point that it affects your sleep
  • make sure your bedroom is dark
  • quieten your home before bedtime

STEP 2 Introduce New Routines

  • create a good sleep hygiene routine where you “wind down” gradually
  • incorporate physical exercise into your day
  • include a few minutes of meditation before bed
  • go for a walk or stroll after dinner
  • stop work by 7pm, eat dinner before 7.30pm, stop input (phone calls, conversations, social media) by 8.30pm
  • limit caffeine consumption to before 10am

STEP 3 Address Your Built Environment to Reduce Your Exposures

  • fix any leaks
  • remove lead paint – or paint over it to “enclose” it (read more about managing lead here)
  • ventilate your home
  • install a proper water filter for your home
  • swap your personal care and cleaning products to safer ones
  • install flyscreens so you don’t need pesticides

Professional Assistance


If you are wanting to go on a detox regime, I cannot stress enough how important it is to be supervised with this. Seek out a qualified, registered and knowledgeable health practitioner to assist you with doing this properly.

(A detox regime not done properly can be very dangerous. Please take this seriously.)


A good building biologist can identify potential hazards and stressors and offer you solutions. Look for the ASBB logo to ensure that they are qualified to do the job.


Mould remediators may be necessary. Choose one who has IICRC training and does NOT use fogging or chemicals.

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