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Conversations About The Self

Conversations About The Self

Conversations About… is the new series of books by Lucinda Curran. Here she explores themes from Change Your Life Radio.

The first of the series is

Conversations About The Self: Exploring Ideas From Change Your Life Radio

Conversations About The Self takes you on a whimsical journey through the psyche. It delivers a wealth of information, resources and links to over 4 hours of quality audio that can help you on your journey to greater happiness, health and abundance.

Use it to inspire you, read it to understand the self on a deeper level, or just enjoy the meanderings.

Available as book paperback and on Kindle through Amazon.

What others say:

moreen torpyMoreen Torpy, the De-Clutter Coach,

“I read with interest Lucinda’s conversations with guests on her blog radio program and was riveted by them. Much of what they discussed has been on my radar for a while, so I looked forward to reading this book. It was refreshing to read that others are thinking the same way.

The book is organized, set out in logical steps which delve into the psyche to analyze the reader’s motivation to be successful (intrinsic vs. extrinsic). Lucinda’s imagery of the goblet and ostrich draw clear visuals of how both work to help or hinder, and the importance of keeping the goblet full at all times.

She includes a section about Quiet Time and its importance in life, akin to putting on one’s own oxygen mask in an aircraft before helping another person. Good advice in this section includes: “allow yourself to feel …” and “if you are not uncomfortable … you are not in the right place.” And that a pre-requisite of Quiet Time is to eliminate all distractions—not always an easy task but necessary.

Conversations about the Self is filled with important useful information, yet is easy to read. This is a book worth reading more than once!”



Kelly Wagner, creator of the Ideal Life Planner,

“Lucinda Curran’s book Conversations About The Self provides readers the opportunity to sift through a sampling of possible solutions and insights if you are considering making some personal changes in your life.

Conversations About The Self will encourage you to accept your ‘self’ as who you are right now with some action steps to move you to where you want to be.”