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Author and Radio Show Host Lucinda Curran

Lucinda Curran, Author

Lucinda Curran, Author

Having always been a student of life, I feel that I have been able to explore, be challenged and be inspired by all that life has brought.

My greatest passion – other than Mia (the black-haired one in the photo) – is health.

Health of people, animals and the planet.

I work in this industry as both a Chinese herbalist and acupuncturist and also as a Building Biologist. My special interest is environmental sensitivities (which is where aspects of our environments have a detrimental impact on our health)… If you want to read more about my work, please visit my site Eco Health Solutions.

Yet, my work is really the starting point of my first book. Change Your Life has come out of my work, but has been a part of it all along, as well as being in my personal life.

All of the people I work with are ready to create change. Some of them are not sure which steps to take first. Many of them experience a lot of pressure in their daily lives.

Personally, I have always been chipping away at things… exploring techniques to make life better… and until putting this program together, have not found another more profound way to create positive change.

As an author, I feel I can say,

I narrate the book of my life ~ and the possibilities are infinite

And you can find that in my book, Change Your Life on page 51!

Change Your Life

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