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blogMy blog is about empowering you with information so that you can make informed choices, realise more of your options and be proactive in your life.

The focus of most of my posts are related to health and wellbeing. This is because I am a Chinese medicine practitioner and a building biologist.

Just to explain what that means:

  • Chinese medicine is the ancient medical model from China that incorporates acupuncture, Chinese herbs, diet and lifestyle advice…
  • Building Biology is where I visit homes, schools and workplaces and assess the potential health impacts of the built environment. These can include indoor air quality, mould, pesticides, heavy metals, electromagnetic radiation, dust mites, allergens, and so on.

By combining these modalities, I work as a Healthy Life and Safe Living Consultant – which allows me to have consultations about the health of your building and its impact upon your own health, and that of your family.

I am going to let you in on a little secret… When I was contemplating which career to move into (after having been a teacher forever) I was tossing up between Chinese medicine and psychology. I was fortunate enough to discover a branch of Chinese medicine that is the equivalent to psychology, so I have ended up doing both!! Therefore a large focus of what I do is on “the inner landscape” because this has such a dramatic effect on a person’s health in general.

So, as I was saying, my tendency is to write about health and wellbeing… and this is why I have invited a range of amazing guests from our global community to contribute articles and broaden the perspective that I offer…

Without further ado, let’s read on!



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~ Lucinda