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Change Your Life

Change Your Life

Are there are aspects of your life that you could improve?

Tried meditation and just can get the hang of it? 

Need to reduce your stress levels?

About Change Your Life: 50 Meditation-Affirmations That Anyone Can Do

  • Relieve stress
  • Learn a simple Meditation Routine
  • Discover how to create new thought patterns, beliefs and attitudes
  • Bring a new sense of tranquility into your life
  • Use these stimulating meditations as affirmations throughout your day
  • Step into your light!

Change Your Life teaches you a simple Meditation Routine and combines these with daily meditation-affirmations. By incorporating this Routine into your daily life, you can bring about change and move forwards into a more loving life with greater happiness abundance.

Order now to get your signed and numbered copy of this limited edition book – only available from the Eco Health Solutions Store.

Every reader can not only gain the benefits of this book, but can also claim their free access to the Starting Out Program – a 21-day audio program to help you create change in your life.

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