Can I Help You? Call – Book Your Call

Why Do I Need to BOOK a Call?

I want to give you my undivided attention. By booking a call, it means that I am focused and ready to attend 100% to you and what you are seeking. With this focus, we can really hone in on how we can best serve you.

I recognise that this is frustrating when you want to talk to someone now, but believe me, this is a better way. 🙂

Steps To Booking A Call

  1. Complete the pre-call questions
  2. Find a time that suits you from my online calendar
  3. I will call you at the appointed time – often the number comes up as unlisted or private

Let’s Get Started


In order for us to make the most of our time together, please complete these PRE-CALL QUESTIONS.



Step 2 is booking your call – a link to the calendar will appear once you have completed the pre-call questions.



Keep an eye out for your confirmation email. 

PS please email your floor plan to now while it is fresh in your mind. 🙂

I will call you at the appointed time. I am very punctual. Often my number comes up as “private” or “unlisted” – if you get a call like this at the booked time, please assume it is me and answer it.