Building Biology Pregnancy Package

Preparing for Your Pregnancy?

Whether you are planning your pregnancy, are already pregnant or have young children, the Pregnancy Package is for you.

Pre Conception care is important in our modern world – addressing nutrition, diet and lifestyle in order to improve health of both parents, quality of egg and sperm. However, it is equally as important to address your home and environment.

This is where Building Biology plays a vital role.

Building Biology is a science that examines the way that our built environment impacts upon our health. It looks at many and varying factors, including: building design and materials, the history of the home and the site, indoor air quality, electromagnetic fields, mould and water damage, lead and other heavy metals, pesticides and other pollutions, dust and dust mites, drinking water quality, and more.

This adds another vital layer to the concept of a whole person. There is a multitude of reasons as to why this is so integral to health, but one worth noting here is that when the body is under stress of any kind (be it stress from work, even environmental stressors).


What the Pregnancy Package Includes:

An Onsite Audit (4-6 hours)
– EMF, Indoor Air Quality, Mould
Laboratory Testing and Sampling (as required)
– soil, drinking water, lead, dust mites and other allergens
(Collection of Samples is Included, Extra Fees Apply for Laboratory Analysis*)
10+-page Written Report based on the Audit
– including findings, recommendations and solutions
30-minute Follow-Up Call When You Are Ready
(within 6 months of your audit)


Creating Healthy Children Report

Pregnancy ebook


From Go to “Whoa!!!” The Role of Chinese Medicine in Pregnancy e-book

pregnancy truly inspired


Truly Inspired! Pregnancy Hamper (valued at $131)
– including Baby Balm, Deodorant Paste, Sweet Slumber and Nudie Non-Scents Day Serum

*All relevant laboratory fees will be disclosed prior to your audit and all testing will only be done with your informed consent.


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