Building Biology

What is the Link between Building Biology and Health?

Building Biology looks at the link between our built environments and our health.

  • Have you ever wondered about the potential health impact is of what is in your living or workspace?
  • Perhaps you had that “gut feeling” instinct that something just wasn’t quite right, and you moved in anyway…?
  • Have you sought help from the medical profession and not found answers or ways to improve health?

How do you know if your building or home is making you sick?

There is one key question:

Do you feel different when you spend time away from this building?

Then it is possible that your home could be adversely affecting your health and it is your cue to call in a Building Biologist who is sensitive to and aware of environmental sensitivities.

What is Building Biology?

For me, combining the knowledge and skills of Building Biology with Chinese medicine provide a really unique and holistic way to understand health, the potential hazards within our buildings and what can be done about it.

It is the basis of an Environmental Health AssessmentTM.

Read more here.

Unlock the door

Building Biology and Health – what is assessed?

With a background as a registered health professional and a personal journey through environmental sensitivities, I am keen to help you make your building as salubrious as possible – and reduce or eliminate potential hazards.

Read more about what is assessed in an Environmental Health AssessmentTM here.

Why Choose Eco Health Solutions for Building Biology and Health Support?

Lucinda Curran is an experienced and competent Building Biologist. Having trained in the health sciences (Chinese medicine) she has a sound background in understanding health and the potential impact that the hazards in your built environments may have on your health.

She has hand-picked a team of expert building biologists to conduct Environmental Health AssessmentsTM.

You can read more about how others found the Eco Health Solutions experience here.

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