VOC and The Health of the Individual

by Angela Petruzzi

VOCVOC is a complex issue and often misunderstood, in short VOC does not mean harmful and no VOC does not mean harmless. One should interpret various aspects of the information to make a truly informed decision.

LIVOS and Its Stance in Relation to VOC and The Health of the Individual

This document is to be read in conjunction with VOC’s, Synthetic versus Natural
Manufactured from natural raw materials, LIVOS products contain no SVOC’s and will not continue to off gas into the future. Independent testing by the AgBB (German Committee for Health-Related Evaluation of Building Products) tested for a range of SVOC’s at the same time as the persistent VOC’s with higher boiling points. (The current IEQ-8 credit does not take this into consideration). The SVOC result for LIVOS KUNOS at both 3 days and 28 days is 0.

LIVOS products off-gas their VOC’s in a relatively short time frame, with 95% dissipating within the first hour of application. Simply, there is no off gassing once the coating is dry. Their conclusion, “Livos KUNOS, and in fact all Livos products (as they use essentially the same raw materials as basis) are superior performers across and wide range of ecological and building & occupant health criteria.”

Whilst we proclaim VOC as a number is meaningless on its own, Livos does cater for Professionals who require products with a specific VOC limits for future building accreditation, such as zero VOC paints and natural tints and Koimos, a zero VOC high solid oil.

LIVOS have taken the unique ethical stand of openly disclosing the full ingredient list for every product. This allows all components to be independently researched and tested for any health implications. Without knowing the components of a product, how are you to make an informed choice?

Since natural solvents, e.g. Gum or other terpenes can trigger allergies, LIVOS decided to use as a solvent Isoaliphates, the most harmless organic solvent. It is widely used in the medical, food and cosmetic industries and is suitable for the chemically sensitive.

The fact that the health of the individual is of paramount importance LIVOS uses only a very pure form of Orange Peel Oil. This is in food grade quality (not industrial grade) and only in amounts of less than 1%.

The standard of the Kunos DIN EN 71 part 3 is qualified “suitable for toys” as well as being “certified food safe” according to the rigorous nature of the DIN (Deutche Industry Norm) German Industry Standards.

All test results, certificates, MSDS and full technical data sheets are readily available from our website. If you have any further questions relating to this issue, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Angela Petruzzi
Livos Australia Pty Ltd

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This article appeared in the 2016 #ESSymposium e-magazine


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