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Pests – Managing Them In The Garden, Chemical-Free

Pests. What are they? When you really stop and think about it, pests are critters in the wrong place at the wrong time. They are important parts of nature and they do play a role however, we don’t always want them in our gardens. I have lost countless seedlings and a lot of fruit crops […]

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Air Pollution and Mental Health

Air Pollution I wanted to share with you some research about air pollution and mental health, further to what I shared some weeks ago. Research has found links between air pollution and cardiopulmonary (heart and lung) health. A growing body of evidence indicates that air pollution can implicate in effects on the central nervous system. […]

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Sleep Like a Rock – Deal with the Clock

Did you know your sleep can be hampered by your alarm clock? Many people place their electric alarm clocks right next to their heads. This can expose them to very high levels of ELF AC electric fields and magnetic fields. “I’m right, I use my phone!” Well then, in that case, you are likely to […]

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Are you one of the lucky people who has a garage?

Got a Garage?

Are You One of those Lucky People Who has a Garage? Ahh, garages… The convenience of unloading the shopping and taking it from the garage into the house is bliss… Not having to race from the house to the car in the rain because of the door in between… priceless! But, the pollutants from our cars are vast. […]

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Diffusers and Mould

Diffusers and Mould Many of the homes I assess have essential oil diffusers. Whilst I love that more people are using essential oils, I have concerns about the essential oil diffusers that harbour mould… and then potentially spread it throughout your home. So, let me share with you ways to avoid mould – and fragrant oils! […]

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Asbestos Awareness – It Could Save Lives

Shedding Light on the Dangers of Asbestos During the first week of April, many people across the globe come together to help raise awareness on a mineral that has been scientifically proven to cause cancer and other serious illnesses. Global Asbestos Awareness Week is a time where topics such as prevention, the health risks of […]

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electric fields

Electric Fields – the Importance of Measuring Them

Electric Fields – VITAL to measure Electric fields are an important part of an EMF audit. In an nutshell, extremely low frequency (ELF) AC electric fields are present where there is any household wiring or any appliances plugged in. They exist where there is a potential. You can read more about the science behind ELF AC electric […]

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Dehumidifiers – The Benefits of Using One Regularly

Let’s first explore humidity – to set the scene and give context to the rest of this post. What is Humidity? Humidity is the amount of water vapour in the air. It is important to know and understand this, particularly if you have any water damage or you live in a humid environment. Humidity is commonly […]

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