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“Bake Outs,” Ozone and Our Indoor Air

Today, I want to share some information about ozone, VOCs and our indoor air. From here, I will share my stance on “bake outs,” so let’s start at the end to make sure it all makes sense. Volatile Organic Compounds The best example of VOCs is the smell of the cleaning aisle in the supermarket […]

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Air Pollution and Mental Health

Air Pollution I wanted to share with you some research about air pollution and mental health, further to what I shared some weeks ago. Research has found links between air pollution and cardiopulmonary (heart and lung) health. A growing body of evidence indicates that air pollution can implicate in effects on the central nervous system. […]

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ELF AC Magnetic Fields

Magnetic Fields Did you know? In 2002, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified ELF AC magnetic fields as category 2B. What that means is that they recognised the potentially carcinogenic effects for humans (risk of causing cancer) of the magnetic fields associated with household wiring, appliances, and power lines. These fields are one […]

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Avoiding Sick Building Syndrome in the Workplace

Avoiding Sick Building Syndrome in the Workplace Focus on Indoor Air Quality When it comes to air pollution, we tend to think about it in terms of the outdoors. We worry about factories’ smokestacks, traffic jams and other factors that pump pollutants into the air.   Yet air pollution isn’t just an outdoor problem.   […]

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Sleep Like a Rock – Deal with the Clock

Did you know your sleep can be hampered by your alarm clock? Many people place their electric alarm clocks right next to their heads. This can expose them to very high levels of ELF AC electric fields and magnetic fields. “I’m right, I use my phone!” Well then, in that case, you are likely to […]

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School Kids and Traffic Pollution

Traffic-related Ambient Air Pollution and Children (#TRAPS) The effects of traffic-related pollution on ambient (outdoor) air is well-known throughout the world. The most common term would be “smog.” However, the effects on indoor air quality are far less considered. Research is showing that when traffic-related air pollution spikes, that the ability of children to perform […]

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