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The Therapeutic Potential and Limitations Of Online Forums For The Chemically Sensitive

‘Our Way Out of the House’: The Therapeutic Potential and Limitations Of Online Forums For The Chemically Sensitive by Dr Tarryn Phillips Those who suffer from multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS) often experience a condition that is extremely debilitating, as well as social stigma and marginalisation from mainstream support services. Since their reactivity often leaves them […]

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Hannah Robbins writes…

The Mystery Condition that Stupefies Physicians: Encounters with MCS – Hannah Robbins Traumatic encounter over, I paused to reflect. How exactly, did I end up in this chaotic maelstrom? The setup ostensibly designed to care for the UK’s sick seemed to be threatening my health more than it was helping. Have I gone drastically wrong somewhere […]

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Environmental Sensitivities A Snapshot

With so much going on in the ever-expanding field of environmental sensitivities, it is great to have an overview of what our global experts are thinking, saying and doing. In this webinar, I touch points raised by 23 global thought leaders. Please enjoy – it is just under 30 minutes long. I would love to hear your […]

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REPLAY of 2015 ES Symposium

The 2015 Environmental Sensitivities Symposium (ES Symposium) ran live in March this year. Hundreds of people from all around the world joined in. I was touched that so many shared their personal stories with me and heartened to hear that many gleaned something so valuable from this event. With 23 speakers, although there is a common […]

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Scents Make No Sense

Scents – they are everywhere! (Be sure to read to the end to get some great tips to make a difference.) We are surrounded by scents in our daily life. Have you noticed this? There are car fumes, scented toilet paper, perfumes, scented body lotions, scented cleaning products, scented restaurants, and you almost certainly can’t […]

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