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Searching for a Rainbow

Spotting a rainbow is possible when the grey clouds of life come over Sometimes the world throws one fireball at another at us. Noticing, let alone searching for the rainbow can become difficult… but it doesn’t mean it is impossible. Often people have really negative self-talk. Others may have negative people around them. Some may even have […]

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Choice Appears in Every Moment

Every moment in our lives presents us with options. Every option allows us the opportunity to make a choice. Every choice shapes our future. Choices Abound and Empower Choice provides us with the opportunity to shape our future. When this idea is in your consciousness, it unleashes an enormous sense of autonomy and empowerment. There are […]

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Pre Conception Care: Are There Hidden Hazards In Your Home?

Pre Conception Care The importance of pre conception care in support of fertility is well known. Nutrition, environment and lifestyle choices all contribute to the quality of sperm, eggs, fertilisation, and the health of your baby. Many practitioners work in this area addressing internal imbalances with herbs, medications and diet. But What If There Are […]

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