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The Therapeutic Potential and Limitations Of Online Forums For The Chemically Sensitive

‘Our Way Out of the House’: The Therapeutic Potential and Limitations Of Online Forums For The Chemically Sensitive by Dr Tarryn Phillips Those who suffer from multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS) often experience a condition that is extremely debilitating, as well as social stigma and marginalisation from mainstream support services. Since their reactivity often leaves them […]

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Hannah Robbins writes…

The Mystery Condition that Stupefies Physicians: Encounters with MCS – Hannah Robbins Traumatic encounter over, I paused to reflect. How exactly, did I end up in this chaotic maelstrom? The setup ostensibly designed to care for the UK’s sick seemed to be threatening my health more than it was helping. Have I gone drastically wrong somewhere […]

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Exercise Your Mind

I am a strong advocate for pushing yourself mentally. With environmental sensitivities, exposures to toxicants and triggers is not an area to push. It is crucial exercise your mind daily. When I was at my worst with environmental sensitivities, this was the one area I challenged every single day. Losing my ability to function like a […]

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Environmental Sensitivities A Snapshot

With so much going on in the ever-expanding field of environmental sensitivities, it is great to have an overview of what our global experts are thinking, saying and doing. In this webinar, I touch points raised by 23 global thought leaders. Please enjoy – it is just under 30 minutes long. I would love to hear your […]

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REPLAY of 2015 ES Symposium

The 2015 Environmental Sensitivities Symposium (ES Symposium) ran live in March this year. Hundreds of people from all around the world joined in. I was touched that so many shared their personal stories with me and heartened to hear that many gleaned something so valuable from this event. With 23 speakers, although there is a common […]

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