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About Lucinda

Lucinda CurranLucinda Curran integrates Chinese medicine and Building Biology to provide truly holistic healthcare.

If you have been experiencing environmental sensitivities, or feeling unwell and have no explanations as to what is going on, then working with Lucinda can not only bring you clarity and insight, but a world of support along your path to optimal wellbeing.

Lucinda offers:

  • Chinese Medicine Consultations and treatments using acupuncture, Chinese herbs and dietary advice
  • Healthy Life Consultations either in person or over the web to help make your home, school or workplace safer for you and your family
  • Safe Living Audits where she attends your home, school or workplace to assess, measure and offer solutions to improve the health and safety of everyone

Having experienced the symptoms, confusion and lack of understanding from the medical profession on a personal level, Lucinda offers a wealth of skills, expertise and support for anyone suffering from environmental sensitivities.

Driven by passion and motivated by personal experience, Lucinda endeavours to help people make informed choices, provide viable solutions and make the world safer for all who dwell here.

Lucinda works with people who:

  • Are keen to make changes towards achieving their optimal health,
  • Are already experiencing debilitating symptoms,
  • Have been diagnosed with conditions such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Chemical Sensitivities, Electrical Hypersensitivities, and more.

3 booksIn her efforts to create a global awareness of these conditions, she hosts a weekly radio show Change Your Life Radio, has authored books that focuses more on the internal landscape of thoughts and beliefs, and is available for interviews, workshops and talks.

If you have any concerns about environmental causes for your health – whether you are already suffering or are worried that there may be a problem – call Lucinda now on 0488 377 466 or contact her via the contact page.



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