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Environmental Sensitivities Bootcamp Enrol

next ES BootcampWould you like to:

  • Put practical measures into place so that you can get a handle on day to day activities;
  • Implement strategies to clear the brain fog;
  • Learn how to communicate your needs to get cooperation ;
  • Put processes in place so that you can manage an exposure to an allergen or trigger;
  • Have fun learning how to manage and overcome your sensitivities;
  • Reintroduce joy into your life; and
  • Start making strides in reclaiming your health – and your life?

The join us for the online Environmental Sensitivities Bootcamp

~ Reclaim Your Health

I know the loneliness of isolation, the challenge of not being understood and being told it is “all in your head,” I know the hurt of not having loved ones BELIEVE what you are saying.

I also know that you CAN get through this.

I know that you can live a life free from reactions; a life that is filled with joy and a life that brings you peace.

Let me show you how.

Over 7-weeks I will guide you through many aspects of life with Environmental Sensitivities.

My #1 GOAL is to assist you to RECLAIM YOUR HEALTH.

environmental sensitivities goal #1The Environmental Sensitivities Bootcamp is all about:

  • Coming to terms with having environmental sensitivities;
  • Taking positive steps to regain control of your health; and
  • Helping you to attain a clearer state of mind so that you can make better decisions.


Want To Get To Know More About Lucinda?

You can read more here or listen to this interview to find out more about me, who I like to work with and why I work with Environmental Sensitivities… Find out why I am so passionate about it.

Are You Ready To Take The Reins Back Of Your Life?


(Payment is via PayPal and you may also use a credit card)




How Does The Bootcamp Work?

This is an ONLINE BOOTCAMP so you can participate from the comfort and safety of your own home.

We will start off each week, with a group call. This will be at 11am Melbourne, Australia time. The call will be recorded, so if you can’t make it, you won’t miss out.

You will be sent links to the modules throughout the week, which you download and work at your own pace.

There is a lot of support for you as you move through the program.

There is small workload to be carried out by you independently, and although the workload is small, the results can be profound.

Ultimately the results you attain will reflect the commitment to the Bootcamp.

It is an amazing process and I will be there for you every step of the way.

I will give you all the support I can to help you get “out the other side” of having Environmental Sensitivities.

How Big Is The Group?

I am totally committed to my goal of assisting you to reclaim your health, and I am going to be there for you to guide, encourage and support every single group member.

I prefer to work with small groups so that I can best help you on your journey. The maximum number of participants is 10.


(Payment is via PayPal and you may also use a credit card)






What Did Previous Participants Think Of It?

robyn testimonial   sandy testim #2


When Does It Start?

The next one starts on Monday 21st September 2015 (AEST – use this tool to work out times and dates in your zone – use Australia/Melbourne as your reference point).

Bear in mind that the weekly call is live, but the recording will also be available.

What Do You Need To Do?

Sign Up Here.


(Payment is via PayPal and you may also use a credit card)




 What Others Say About Lucinda And Her Work

Paul 3 “Lucinda Curran provides stellar life enhancing services and products that exponentially change the life of her clients. This global thought leader’s mission is to assist people with reclaiming their life through her one of-its kind company, Eco Health Solutions. I highly encourage you to enroll in Lucinda’s, Environmental Sensitivities Boot Camp because it will elevate and sustain your health today and in the future. The bottom line is, your health is your wealth and Lucinda is an expert who strives to help her clients live their best life possible.”  ~ Paul Lawrence Vann, Author of Living on Higher Ground,


Kelly Wagner“Lucinda portrays an innate capability to not only  listen to but ‘read’ into your individual situation regarding environmental sensitivities. Her knowledge and experience provides her the ability to create a customised and personalised plan to for relief as well as  ongoing support to keep you going while you you learn a new way of living and begin feeling better. She can do this with confidence and compassion as a result of her personal experiences and many years of study and research. Lucinda has given me helpful guidance on how to make my home safer for my family. I have had the privilege to work with Lucinda on a few projects and her dependability, creativity and outcomes make you want to work with her again and absorb her knowledge. ~ Kelly Wagner, Creator of the Ideal Life Planner,


What Else Do You Get?

Bonuses include:

  • Living With Environmental Sensitivities eCourse which I encourage you to do before we start the Bootcamp
  • Guide The Simple Path To Meditation which you can use to help shift your thinking, and prepare for changes
  • Free Relaxation Audio track that you can listen to daily and either use in conjunction with the Simple Path to Meditation guide, or on its own


Gina-Akao“Lucinda Curran is one of the most creative people that I know. Not only is she a brilliant building biologist who helps people overcome environmental sensitivities, she is a visionary leader who makes the light of the world shine brighter through her books, products and services. We often don’t realise the potentially harmful effects that chemicals and electronic products have on our health. Lucinda is knowledgeable and caring, and is a great source of information.” ~ Gina Akao, Author of Tales of a Law School Dropout,


Liesel Teversham“Lucinda is the person to go-to person if you need a health solution of any kind. She’s sharp, creative, brimming with ideas and solutions… She’s always ready to jump in with supporting and helping others… She’s extremely knowledgeable with many qualifications and loves sharing information to help people. Her motto of, “making the world a safer place for all who dwell here,” is clear in her actions and willingness to share her knowledge, skills, passion and compassion with everyone she encounters. If you want a go-to person for health issues, especially those affected by the environment, Lucinda is that person!” ~ Liesel Teversham, Author of No Problem: The Upside Of Saying No,


Environmental Sensitivities Are Far More Prevalent Than You May Realise

“Environmental Sensitivities” is an umbrella term for conditions whereby a person’s body has a massive reaction to “triggers” within their environments – even when the most minute levels are present. Triggers can range from perfumes to air fresheners, from wi-fi to household wiring, from polyester to the dyes used in fabrics – and more. For people with Environmental Sensitivities, life changes dramatically in order to stay alive. This bootcamp is for those people.