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You get the very best of my years of study, my life experience and my clinical experience as we focus in on a different area ever month.

Week 1: I will share an ARTICLE with you explaining why this is such an important area – helping you to have a deeper understanding of the topic, identify the reasons why change needs to occur, and locate the problem area in your own environment.

Week 2: I will post a VIDEO where I explain more about a particular aspect, and leave you with some action steps.

Week 3: brings you another ARTICLE on a different aspect, exploring it in detail and providing you with the necessary information to take action.

Week 4: I will be answering QUESTIONS on the topic.

I will also deliver BONUSES to you on a regular basis.

What’s more, we have our own private community where we can interact on google plus. By joining the Detox Your Environment community, you will have exclusive access to this community.

Detox Your Environment brings together the things that I am most passionate about – and through this group, I hope to prevent many more people from suffering from environmental sensitivities.

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The Detox Your Environment community is a place where I can share my knowledge, insights and expertise with you.

What I will share with you is information, tips and actions that I do every day in my own life – things that I recommend to my clients – and things that can help you, too.